10 Supplements that Provide Health and Healing for Leaky Gut in Schaumburg IL

10 Supplements that Provide Health and Healing for Leaky Gut In Schaumburg IL

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If you've noticed changes in your body that you can't explain, what are the chances that it might be related to your intestines? Schaumburg IL chiropractors know that while it might seem hard to believe, things like eczema, anxiety, having a harder time battling the common cold, and a whole host of other issues can be linked to something called leaky gut. (1)

Also known as intestinal permeability, it's caused by a breakdown of the lining of your intestinal wall and it actually allows tiny food particles to pass through the intestine into the bloodstream. This can lead to widespread inflammation and is often the cause of a lot of digestive problems and autoimmune conditions.

Can It Be Healed In Schaumburg IL?

The process of healing a leaky gut can take some time and often requires a major shift in one's diet, yet there are a variety of helpful supplements that can assist in speeding up the process. (2) Let's explore 10 different options that can make a world of difference when coupled with a healthy and active lifestyle:

1. Collagen Powder
One of the top products for helping to heal a leaky gut is collagen, a key benefit in bone broth and also available in a powder for blending into drinks. (3) It helps to replenish the integrity of your intestines and contains proline and glycine, two amino acids that are exceptionally beneficial in healing a leaky gut. As an added benefit, collagen helps to restore elasticity to the skin and is great for strong and healthy hair and nails.

2. Enzymes
Most of the time our bodies produce enough enzymes on their own to properly break down and process the foods that we eat. However, a leaky gut usually means that our bodies aren't functioning the way they should, so helping our digestion process with enzymes like protease, lipase, and lactase enables sugars and proteins to breakdown correctly. (4) Women, in particular, find that once their body breaks down sugar the way it was designed to, their ovary symptoms like PMS or hot flashes diminish.

3. Fiber
Aside from helping us to have more regular bathroom habits, eating fiber is crucial for a healthy gut. It encourages our bodies to keep toxic bile from entering our bloodstream, which can help to reduce certain liver problems, as well as give the probiotics in our gut an environment to thrive in. (5) While many sources of fiber offer decent levels of healing, foods like apples, almonds, and barley bring extra benefits. (6)

4. Probiotics
Quite possibly the essential building block for a healthy intestine, probiotics are the good bacteria that live inside of your digestive tract. Individuals with a leaky gut are usually missing many of these handy helpers and can see a huge boost in their intestinal health after integrating a daily dose into their diet. (7) Most widely known to live in dairy products, probiotics can be taken as stand-alone supplements or can be ingested through foods rich in this bacteria.

5. L-Glutamine
This supplement offers a host of restorative benefits to the body as a whole, including the restoration of muscles throughout your body. Individuals who suffer from metabolism and thyroid symptoms often see a huge boost in their overall health by incorporating l-glutamine into their diet. As an aid in digesting proteins and boosting the immune system, it's essential for repairing damaged intestinal lining. (8)

6. HCL with pepsin
It might sound like taking an acid supplement is the opposite of what your sensitive gut needs, but many times leaky gut is exacerbated by having low levels of stomach acid. (9) Hydrochloric acid is the primary component of what breaks down our food correctly, and if certain medications or antibiotics have changed this chemical makeup, it can cause your food to remain a little more whole than it should. These chunks of food become attractive to other organisms that eventually aid in breaking down your intestinal lining.

7. Antifungals
One of the more common causes of leaky gut has to do with an overgrowth of candida in the intestinal tract. While candida is typically a normally occurring yeast in our bodies, too much of it contributes to the breakdown of our gut lining and the onset of autoimmune responses. (10) In addition to adjusting one's diet to remove added sugars and essentially starve the excess candida, taking an antifungal supplement can also help. Oregano oil, garlic, or grapefruit seed extract should all be used slowly so that your body acclimates to the change, as a large dose could wipe out the candida altogether and leave your system unbalanced. (11)

8. Quercetin
It's probably not a supplement you've heard of on a regular basis, but quercetin is a highly beneficial compound for healing a leaky gut. On a rudimentary level, this powerful flavonoid seals the gut lining and acts as a preventative barrier. (12) Aside from the other anti-inflammatory benefits that come with reducing intestinal permeability, taking this supplement will help your blood sugar levels return to a normal range and can ease gonadal symptoms in men.

9. Deglycyrrhizinated licorice root
This supplement packs a double punch, as it not only helps to keep our stomach's mucus alive and well, but it also works to aid in balancing hormones and alleviating adrenal fatigue. DGL licorice root can be a powerful tool in healing one's gut lining while simultaneously helping to balance the signals being sent to the pituitary gland, which can often malfunction due to a poor diet.

10. N-acetylglucosamine
Protection and healing are both found in this supplement, which has become popular in recent years. Helping to boost the health of the stomach and intestinal lining, it's also a strong anti-inflammatory, helping individuals with IBS, Crohn's disease, and more. (13) N-acetylglucosamine offers individuals the ability to create a more resilient gut lining while also helping to relieve some of their current symptoms.


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More Than Just The Gut

These 10 supplements will work quite well to repair a leaky gut and help your digestive system to function on a more regular level, but they also include extra assistance when it comes to healing the rest of your body. Often times the contributing factors to causing a leaky gut also wreak havoc on our hormones, leaving us feeling out of balance with a variety of symptoms.

Additionally, many individuals find that their leaky gut creates so many autoimmune issues, from IBS to arthritis, that regularly exercising becomes a chore that they just can't undertake. By utilizing the recommended supplements and healing your intestinal permeability, you might even find that increasing your fitness level is a much easier task.

Time To Reach Optimal Health Is Key

Healing a leaky gut takes time and usually cannot be done through supplements alone. (14) Food sensitivities and autoimmune conditions aside, many individuals start to see notable changes anywhere from two to twelve weeks but can vary dramatically. Try boosting the effectiveness of these supplements by cutting out potential inflammatory foods from your diet and see if any of your nagging symptoms disappear. You might find that sustaining a healthier diet, regular exercise, and incorporating these 10 healthy gut supplements on a regular basis will provide relief from your inflammatory symptoms.

If you're ready to get help with your health, contact us at the BrightLife Schaumburg today to schedule an appointment.


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