Ovary Symptom Patterns and Body Type

Ovary Symptom Patterns and Body Type

Ovary Symptom Patterns and Body Type Libertyville IL

The ovaries have the remarkable job of giving life to another human being. They are often misunderstood because of the complexity of the interaction between the pituitary and adrenal glands. The testing is also very complicated; should you use saliva testing? Or blood testing? Or dried urine testing? Should you test on certain days or during the entire cycle? There are also very different approaches to balancing the hormones. You have bio-identical hormones, nutritional glandulars, eastern herbs, western herbs, hormone replacement, acupuncture, chiropractic, and many drugs to choose from.

It is no wonder that a woman can be quite confused and end up feeling like an evil science experiment! Let’s eat this elephant one little bite at a time starting with some of the basics. Let’s start with the cycling hormones before we get to perimenopause or menopause. The ovaries produce different hormones to signal different important events during the 28-day cycle. These hormones signal the pituitary, the adrenal glands, and the uterus. As the cycle starts, estrogen comes in heavy to build-up tissue (lining). They call this “Estrogen Dominance” because estrogen is dominant over progesterone in only the first half of the cycle (days 1-14). Then the ovaries and pituitary communicate with two hormones; LH and FSH. These hormones signals the release of an egg. Once the egg is released, then estrogen winds-down and progesterone becomes dominant to maintain pregnancy in days 16-28. If no pregnancy, then the uterine lining sheds (the period) and the cycle starts all over again.

During the beautiful change of life from cycling to not cycling, there are changes in function. The production of estrogen declines from the ovaries and progesterone that came from the egg dropping process is now manufactured by the adrenal glands.

The Ovary Symptom Pattern

The symptoms that we see are two-fold. In one corner you have fertility symptoms and in another corner we see menopause symptoms. In cycling women, the major problems that are experienced are tied to estrogen dominance through the ENTIRE cycle instead on just the first half. This is typically caused from a failed liver detox process (excess estrogen cannot clear), environmental exposure (including synthetic hormones), and/or poor pituitary signaling. This is where PMS lives. The symptoms include cramping, clotting, emotional extremes, long or short cycles, etc.

In the other corner we get menopausal symptoms or commonly referred to as “Adrenapause.” They call it this because the adrenal glands are soo tired and blood sugar imbalances soo rampant that progesterone deficiencies cause an imbalance and symptoms. You see, progesterone turns into cortisol in the cholesterol hormone pathway. Cortisol is used to balance blood sugar. Most of the time the body treats blood sugar (energy) imbalances before it tries to balance hormones. Therefore, these women are stuck in Menopause Hell dealing with hot flashes, weight-gain, headaches, digestive issues, exhaustion, and sleep problems. Not fair… but fixable.

Ovary Body Type

The ovary body type has two very distinct features. Weight gain along the hips and a reduced bust size. Estrogen does what? It builds tissue plain and simple. If you have too much, then you will build tissue around where you make it. That area just happens to be around the ovaries, hips, and lower-stomach area. There is also a growing consensus that estrogen dominance along with elevated blood glucose plays a large roll for the development of fibroids and cysts which can get to the size of a softball!

Why would the breast tissue shrink in these types? Mostly because of these same fibroids and cysts. Cysts grows because of excess estrogen, but the growth itself produces testosterone. In fact, if we look back to the cholesterol hormone pathway, estrogen turns into testosterone too, for a double whammy! This excess testosterone will lead to facial hair, a deeper voice, and reduced bust size.


Being a woman is superhuman, but with typical American lifestyle habits, the symptoms and body composition changes are, well, not fair. If you match some of these symptoms and body composition patterns, then you should take the questionnaire and see where to start testing to find your priority. Testing is key to understanding how tired your ovaries are and what steps may be necessary to recover their function.

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