Gonadal Symptom Patterns and Body Type

Gonadal Symptom Patterns and Body Type

Elevated blood sugar over time will decrease your sexual abilities, muscle mass, and stamina. There is an inverse relationship between testosterone and insulin, meaning that if insulin goes up, then testosterone will go down. Insulin is a hormone that puts sugar into muscle tissue to help make energy. Testosterone is a sex hormone produced by the testes.

Gonadal Types start as many of the types with blood sugar problems (which in turn spikes insulin). Over time a condition called insulin resistance forms. This is when the hormone receptor sites get tired and cannot accept any more insulin. Excess and free sugar can roam the body causing many issues that include pain and joint problems.

The Gonadal Hormone Symptom Pattern

The Gonadal Hormone Type is caused from a combination of high insulin resistance, high estrogen, and low testosterone. This type has issues with sexual ability (decreased morning erections, sex drive, erectile dysfunction). This type has problems with bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass, strength, and the production of red blood cells and low sperm counts. Many experience male pattern baldness from too fast a conversion of testosterone to DHA.

Gonadal Hormone Body Type

It should be of no surprise that this hormone type has symptom patterns that are defined by female characteristics. Excess estrogen that cannot be cleared from the liver can change the body in many ways. This male type is prone to “man boobs”, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, male pattern baldness, prostate problems, and weight retention around the hip area (“front butt”), and even a higher voice.

Keep in mind that men are regularly overdosed by pharmaceutical bio-identical testosterone replacements and can see a conversion into estrogen, leading to the same symptoms that they are trying to avoid. A trained Functional Medicine Practitioner can offer ways to clear the excess estrogen, reduce insulin resistance, and stimulate testosterone production.


If you match some of these symptoms and body composition patterns, then you should take the questionnaire and see what testing may be right for you. Testing is key to understanding how tired your gonads are and what steps may be necessary to recover their function.

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